Wheel2Wheel: The New Girl

After a marathon meeting with Morgan last Thursday I have jumped into this amazingly wild adventure full steam ahead.  Naturally, after meeting Morgan and hearing the aim of Wheel2Wheel, the background in which led he and Simon on this journey, the plans, ideas, visions, concept, logistics and everything in between, how could I not?

It has now been one full week since I have been on board and although I am still absorbing a few things along the way, I am starting to feel like an old hand. Hopefully that is how the rest of the team feels!

I have already had the wonderful pleasure of reconnecting with Simon and Vanessa who I have worked with on a variety of former projects and meeting the lovely and talented Nathan King who took some awesome photographs of yours truly. I imagine not an easy task considering my natural dislike of being photographed and the steaming humid Hong Kong weather. Excellent work Nathan!

There have definitely been a few moments of AHHHHHHHHH this week. There are many Wheel2Wheel tasks to tick and agree upon. I have to find that perfect balance between being a full time Mother and a dedicated Wheel2Wheel team player (any suggestions are greatly appreciated). Did I mention my massive sleep deprivation from my gorgeous nocturnal one year old and the fact that I am training for my first ever 10km run? All in a days work and really just blessings in disguise as far as I am concerned.

I look forward to the months ahead, contributing to this awesome cause, being part of this inspiring team and keeping you updated along the way. I have to run, the baby that should be sleeping just woke up (AHHHHHHHHHH)!


Paige Sinclair




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