W2W is a win-win

I’ve always loved the idea of charity.  I guess I’m one of those people who can’t walk by a beggar on the street that easily.  However, I’ve always been inclined to give to somebody who understands people need something in return – because that’s human nature.  So when the old man in Queens Road Central, Hong Kong is handing out fragrant flowers in return for a donation – I’m sure to give.  Likewise if a homeless person is trying to play music in return for some some small change then that’s great.  Despite our inclination to pretend otherwise, we all like to show and receive consideration.

When the opportunity arose to join the Wheel2Wheel team, I jumped at it.  I had been hearing Morgan talk about this idea he had for ages.  The idea of combining adventure with philanthropy struck me as fresh and a lot of fun.   Wheel2Wheel is a win-win from my perspective: the selected charities receive awareness, access to new donor networks and money, whilst Wheel2Wheel team members get to live out a dream of helping others and planning a incredible motorbike journey (a journey which seems like every man’s dream!).  I’m not a motorbike person, but I definitely “get” why this journey is going to be so challenging and is therefore worthy of people supporting with donations.  Doing anything as physically and mentally draining as riding a big motorbike for 100 days definitely sounds tough to me.    Glad I’ll just be dropping into a few of the charities here and there!

I’m hoping I can help raise awareness throughout Hong Kong through media contacts, find a few sponsors and maybe more than a few donors to support Wheel2Wheel.  Most of all I’m proud to be part of this charitable initiative and to be working with such an awesome bunch of people.

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