Raising Awareness

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  • Television Audience : 8,303,000 homes
  • Commercial Airtime : US$ 1,985,000
  • Traditional Media : 126 articles
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Enabling Change

Total Funds Deployed US$ 228,000Donate
  • Clean Air Network

    Combatting air pollution

    Air pollution is Hong Kong's biggest public health crisis, killing 3 people per day. Air pollution especially affects the young, the elderly and people with poor health.

    Wheel2Wheel and supporters have sponsored the puchase of air quality monitoring equipment to enable CAN to conduct important studies on air pollution in Hong Kong and conduct campaigns to raise the awareness of this critical issue to politicans and the general public.

  • GECKO Project

    Teaching sustainability to school students

    Educating the next generation of citizens and leaders about environmental issues can have a tremendous influence on the future development of the world's most populous nation.

    Wheel2Wheel and supporters have funded the creation of a series of online educational videos on the importance of sustainability, taking the content of GECKOs innovative classroom sessions and making it available to a global audience. The funding has allowed their innovative curriculum to be scaled from reaching thousands of school children in China to become available to millions globally.

  • Animals Asia

    Campaigning against animal cruelty

    While respecting cultural differences and traditions, excessive or unnecessary cruelty towards animals needs to be eliminated.

    Wheel2Wheel and supporters have sponsored the construction of a public education centre on the premises of their moon bear sanctuary in Vietnam. The center has provided refuge and sanctuary for bears rescued from the cruel practices of bile extraction, and now is a leading force in educating the public about the barbaric practices, risks to human health and safe alternatives to the bear bile industry.

  • Child's Dream

    Building schools in rural communities

    Education is a vital step in poverty alleviation. There is a critical shortage of schools and access to education throughout the Mekong sub-region. Laos has among the lowest school attendance rates and literacy rates in all of the region.

    Wheel2Wheel and supporters have sponsored the construction of a school in rural Laos. Construction took place during 2011/2012, and in April 2012, Wheel2Wheel was present for the inauguration of a brand new facility serving over 300 students from the Na Luam community in central Laos.

  • New Hope

    Providing aid to desperately impoverished communities

    In Cambodia, despite the millions of tourist dollars and investment flowing through the nearby Angkor Wat historical site, local communities around Siem Reap are still mired in poverty and social deprivation.

    Wheel2Wheel and supporters have sponsored establishment of vocational training facilities - a working restaurant and bakery which provides much needed employment and training to the local community, and offering them a chance at self-sufficiency, access to education and training, and eventually relief from poverty.

  • Baan Gerda

    Helping orphans born with HIV

    Thailand has the highest prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in Asia, with over 600,000 men, women and children affected.

    Wheel2Wheel and supporters have provided funding to construct new houses at Baan Gerda - a unique home-stay orphanage for children born with HIV. As Baan Gerda's young children grow so do their needs. Medication enables the HIV-infected children to manage their illness, enjoy life, and develop into vibrant young adults. Additional facilities allow them to live independently as they tackle the long road to assimilation and acceptance back into their home communities.

  • Women's Aid Organisation

    Empowering women, and confronting violence and discrimination

    Discrimination, access to education and violence against women continues to be a significant global issue. Within the region, Malaysia has experienced tremendous economic development, and is poised to address important social developments including the empowerment of women.

    Wheel2Wheel and supporters have created a new legal aid fund to support eligible women who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse. The new fund, administered by the directors of WAO, has supported legal cases for family law and custody of children, providing hope and support to women with nowhere else to turn.

  • PanEco

    Preventing deforestation and loss of wildlife habitats

    The coastal peat swamp forests of Aceh, Northern Sumatra, are among the most precious natural habitats in the world, but are threatened by palm-oil plantations. Deforestation of these environments has serious implications for local communities, but also for the planet.

    Wheel2Wheel and supporters have sponsored campaigns to educate the public and support the conservation of the Tripa peat swamp forests in Sumatra - preserving the dwindling natural habitat of Sumatran orang-utans, but also preventing catastrophic release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

  • Action for Change Foundation

    Transforming young lives through training and sport

    Timor Leste has been suffering from violent conflict for over a decade. In the wake of the fighting, a generation of young people have had their education and chances of employment disrupted. Unemployment runs at almost 20%, and over 40% among urban youth.

    Wheel2Wheel and supporters have funded numerous initiatives to scale up the impact of this brilliant organisation, led by young Timorese for the benefit of their peers. The funding provided to ACF has contributed to expanding their training budget, investing in new computers and IT facilities, and development of their staff who are educating the next generation of Timorese leaders.


    Promoting aboriginal conservation and land management

    For over 40,000 years, indigenous Australians have been living in harmony with the land and coast, developing a unique understanding of nature and approach to conservation.

    Wheel2Wheel and supporters have funded campaigns to raise the awareness of the critical work of NAILSMA in harnessing indigenous knowledge and land and sea management techniques. This will culminate in the production of a documentary showcasing examples of the application of ancient techniques to modern environmental problems.