For the first Wheel2Wheel expedition, Morgan selected BMW for its proven reliability, mechanical precision and the network of BMW service centres along the route.  After analysing the extensive range of BMW enduro models, Morgan decided to ride the F800GS.  Combining supreme power with manageable weight made this specific version of the BMW GS-class ideal for the demanding Wheel2Wheel adventure.

Morgan rode the 2009 model in dark magnesium and black.

To tailor his BMW bike for the journey, Wheel2Wheel worked with BMW and leading accessories maunfacturer Touratech to make approximately 25 alterations and additions to the standard condition of the F800GS.


The 25 day expedition across two hemispheres and ten countries with varied climates and extreme conditions required a huge amount of planning and equipment. Morgan endured a multitude of accommodation situations including random roadside camping. So he needed to be prepared for everything that eventuated!

Safety was key. So he carried a vast array of carefully selected provisions to make it through the thousands of kilometers.

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Not only does BMW make great bikes, they also manufacture the world’s best motorbike clothing. BMW’s rider apparel is both functional and stylish, Wheel2Wheel rider Morgan Parker wouldn’t be seen in anything less.

On Expedition I, Morgan wore various rider’s suits including the Rallye2 Pro and Airflow depending on the prevailing climate conditions. Across the Australian outback, Morgan wore the BMW Summer Pants 2.

After considerable testing of various boot manufacturers, Morgan decided to use BMW’s Sanitago adventure boots for their unparalleled quality.

During the 25,000 kms of extreme riding Morgan wore through several pairs of gloves. BMW’s Rallye3 and Air Flow gloves were the best.

Underneath the BMW riding suit, Morgan used the world’s most scientifically advanced performance clothing: X-Bionic.


Morgan mounted the Zumo 660 Garmin GPS device to his handlebars for Expedition I.  Garmin’s limited range of maps meant Morgan only used the device in Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.  In the other seven countries on-route he still used the GPS’s directional assistance.  Otherwise, Morgan used his old fashioned compass and paper maps.

Communications were critical as Morgan passed through remote areas of China, the exotic wilderness of South-east Asia and across the Australian outback.  He used a Blackberry device with local 3G SIM cards throughout.

Morgan’s real-time whereabouts during Expedition I were made available online using a SPOT satellite transmitter attached to the motorbike.


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