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Morgan believes his life’s purpose is to make the world a better place. Pushing the envelope has defined his life thus far and nothing will stop him now. Morgan’s 20+ remarkable years in Asia and the Middle-East have exposed him to extreme excess, so now with Wheel2Wheel he’s channelling his obsession into humantarian pursuits. By combining adventure, philanthrophy and entertainment, Morgan aims to inspire others to design their own ‘humanitarian self’. In doing so, create a chain reaction of innovation in community endeavour. In addition to Wheel2Wheel, Morgan provides financial support to various charities across Asia through the Parker Foundation.  As father of 18 year old Aria and little Knox, Morgan’s greatest concern is their future and that of their planet.

Hear about Morgan’s life at: http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2011/10/28/3350622.htm
Read more at:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgan_Parker
See more at:  http://www.youtube.com/moreleverage


Alan, another Australian who lived around the world before returning his home town of Perth, was intrigued by the Wheel2Wheel mission. While only a novice rider, a prior experience of trekking across Nepal by motorbike left him with indelible memories and a true appreciation for the audacity of the Wheel2Wheel expeditions. Combine that with a philanthropic vision to raise awareness and support people working on the front-lines of major social and environmental issues along the route – it’s an inspiring concept – and has proven to actually work! Alan draws on his varied experiences as an engineer, management consultant and social entrepreneur to help Wheel2Wheel succeed in its quest.


Born and bred in Hong Kong, Grace is a law and literature student at Hong Kong University.  Holding a deep interest in film & the arts, as well as social activism and philanthropy, Grace is eager to combine these interests to contribute towards a greater good through her involvement with Wheel2Wheel.  She assists Wheel2Wheel by carrying out research and planning for the next expedition and television production.


American by birth, Australian by nature, Paige brings to the table her natural ability to organise and multi task, skills she is perfecting whilst raising her two boys.  Paige’s volunteer efforts began as a child: cooking and serving dinner alongside her family on Thanksgiving Day to her local homeless community.  Since then she has traveled the world and seen firsthand deeper social issues plaguing humankind.  Her commitment to give back is further seeded by the desire to set a good example for her own children, showing them the necessity of helping all those in need.  She loves the blood, sweat, tears and laughter of bringing Wheel2Wheel expeditions to life and the amazing humanitarian stories to the world’s attention.


Levina was born and raised in Hong Kong but spent 10 years in the UK for schooling.  Her passion is social activism and improving the lives of those around her.  In her career as a financial services headhunter, Levina has influenced the lives of countless bankers by helping chart their future.  She has connected people to opportunities and created equity and value for all.  Levina believes Wheel2Wheel inspires other fortunate and privileged people to “live the dream” by getting involved in charitable endeavour.  She believes philanthropy is a way of life and not just about writing cheques.  Levina is a volunteer educator at local Hong Kong orphanages, an active member of the Hong Kong Women’s Foundation and is a significant donor to several regional charities working in the health and medical fields.  With Wheel2Wheel Levina is particularly excited about raising awareness of environmental issues throughout Australasia.


Born in Singapore but lived in Hong Kong for over nine years, Jamie is a McGill University student based in Montreal.  Despite her youth she is determined to be active contributor to the Wheel2Wheel team.  Jamie focuses on research and analysis of humanitarian issues for consideration of Wheel2Wheel’s upcoming productions.  She adores the way Wheel2Wheel not only offers action and adventure, but also creates a powerful awareness platform for exposing global issues.  Jamie brings to the team her slightly obsessive need to be organized, coupled with a desire to work collaboratively with others on the team.  Being involved with organizations she aims to deepen her understanding of the world’s most important humanitarian issues.


Alessandra, a student at the University of British Columbia, was so inspired by the Wheel2Wheel presentation and screening at her high school she decided to volunteer by helping prepare for the next expedition and production: Wheel2Wheel II. French-Italian by birth, but having lived in England, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Alessandra has seen much of the world already and is determined to preserve the all the beauty it has to offer. She also has a deep interest in film. Alessandra is involved in researching the humanitarian mission for the next series and is thrilled to be part of seeing a vision turn into a reality.


As a photographer and creative director, Nathan supports the Team by capturing all those spectular adventure moments on film and by raising money from behind the camera rather than straddling the beastly bike.  Wheel2Wheel expeditions are always a visual feast, awesome adventures that change the lives of those taking part, but most importantly help reveal untold humanitarian stories across Asia.  Nathan has been involved with charity in the past, but he volunteers for Wheel2Wheel because of dynamic and uniquely innovative way it is tackling the world of philanthropy.  No bureaucracy to slow us down!  To see some Nathan’s work, CHECK OUT his website: nathankingphotography.com


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