Planning Wheel2Wheel II

jamieI’m planning the route for Wheel2Wheel II. The upcoming series will be based in India, so I’ve really gotten to know the country’s culture, tourism highlights and geography much better.

India is set to be one of the most densely populated countries in the world and is constantly changing as it experiences huge economic expansion.  However, with rapid industrialization comes several opportunity costs – especially to the environment.

It is inspiring to see that there are various non-governmental organizations throughout India that all strive to protect and preserve different parts of the country’s environment.

These environmental issues range from water sanitation, to waste management, to air pollution, to deforestation.

We have been reaching out to these devoted, under recognized charity organizations and begun dialogue with them to really get to know more about their cause and current projects.  Not only are these organizations well informed and passionate about preserving India’s environment, but they also do excellent work building communities.  I am so excited Wheel2Wheel II will be able to bring more attention to these grassroots foundations that can always benefit from the help and support of others, just as we did in the first series.

Hopefully this will continue to inspire others to take some action towards a cleaner and greener India.