Isan Region, Thailand

Assuming we get through the Thai-Lao Friendship border with our 800cc motorbikes, we arrive on the doorstep of ‘old’ Thailand – the northeast area known as Isan  is Thailand’s forgotten backyard.   Rarely visited by standard tourists this enigmatic region is full of surprises and natural wonders.  Rice fields, Angkor temples, superb national parks and some of the best wildlife watching in Southern Asia make Isan a collossal corner of Thailand.


Distances are long in Isan, its going to be a bumpy ride on some of Thailand’s least developed road infrastructure.   Temperatures will rise to 40 degrees celsius but we will escape the heat as we climb 1316 metres to the eponymous peak – Phu Kradung.


Whilst Isan is the poorest region of Thailand, it is said to be home to the friendliest people in the country … now that is a big claim considering we are talking about Thailand here!   Oh, Isan is also supposedly the region where all of Thailand’s most beautiful women come from – I guess we’ll see for ourselves …