North Vietnam

A glorious 200km south along the picturesque northern Vietnamese coastline to the beauty of Halong Bay.  Here the Team will get wet to witness at close range thousands of amazing limestone pinnacles protruding from the waters at Vietnam’s most famous World Heritage site.

Halong Bay

Using a nice but congested highway for 150km, the Team head for the old dame of Asia, charming Hanoi where old meets new.  Maybe the Team will rest their sore bodies and enjoy a 5-star break for a day.

Continuing the push west, the Team crosses the lower ranges of the Tonkinese Alps down into beautiful valleys littered with classic Vietnamese rice fields.  The region is like stepping back in time to glimpse the rural life for some Vietnam’s minority cultures.  Expect mountainous winding roads of variable quality for 180km.

The Team’s third border crossing is the highlight of this 150km ride, but which border crossing to take into Northern Laos?  It will depend on further research and the respective logistics of either the more southern Na Meo entry point or the Moc Chau.