Hong Kong & Southern China

The Wheel2Wheel journey starts in central Hong Kong …. the Team will cycle to the border crossing to recognise the cronic issue of air polution affecting Hong Kong.  The riders will then unite with their BMW bikes and equipment will be in Shenzhen where they will mount up and set off to Guangzhou.  The roads will be congested but nice smooth sealed tarmac.

The first day of true adventuring sees the Team ride a huge stretch 500km north-east towards the limestone peaks of Guangxi province via Qingyuan.  This is one of the few days over the next 3 months the team will be heading north.


Now a short 60 km ride to perhaps China’s most prized natural landscape – the ethereal beauty of Guilin’s karst landscape. Natural wonders of mountains, caves, lakes and rivers mean our Team will pause for a moment to enjoy a boat trip on the Li River.  The Team also expects a little off-road action up in the mountains.

From up in the heavens down to the pristine Ling Shui lake, the Team will head south for over 360 kms stopping overnight in the small-ish town of Wuming.

A tricky 200km day south through Nanning to the Mong Cai coastal border into northern Vietnam.  Tricky because it’s our Team’s second, but first ‘real’ border crossing and Vietnam doesn’t like big bikes on its roads.  The Team will probably camp at the border as it may take a while to get through.