Wheel2Wheel: Battle ready with Touratech

Today, the last of three mammoth boxes arrived from Niedereschach in Germany.  Touratech is the world’s leading accessories and parts supplier for BMW motorbikes.  Luckily for us, they agreed to sponsor Wheel2Wheel with some amazing parts to get the BMW800GS ready to take on the world!

MP and touratech

Like most German manufacturers, these guys operate with an enviable level of engineering precision and their quality is second-to-none!  The Touratech relationship began in Australia, when I reached out and asked for some help recommending parts for the bike that would provide extra protection and durability of vulnerable areas on the BMW F800GS.

Believe me, BMW has done such a good job with this bike, it would probably be fine making it from Hong Kong to Brisbane without making a single modification.  However, boys being boys, I wanted to “supe-it-up” with some cool accessories and Touratech was the company to do it.

After talking to the Touratech team in Australia about Wheel2Wheel, and asking if they could provide the parts, we were fortunate enough to be offered a sponsorship in the form of steep discounts to normal prices.  It really enabled me to get ALL the stuff I wanted, rather than what was a logical budget amount!

Once it came time to make the order, it became apparent getting the parts from Germany, then to Australia, then back up to Hong Kong and on to the bikes was going to be too costly and too time-consuming.  So Touratech Australia brilliantly suggested to HQ in Germany they get behind Wheel2Wheel!   A few weeks later, we had the same supportive arrangement sorted with Touratech Germany.

In all, Touratech has provided 24 modification parts for the Wheel2Wheel expedition bike!  These parts are mostly replacing original standard plastic equipment with stronger aluminium and carbon parts in their place.  However, some of the modification is to make the bike “taller” for me!

Seat touring “high” Regulator heat sink cover
Handlebar risers 20 mm Steel headlight guard
Radiator guard Hard part radiator
Front sprocket cover Exhaust guards
Crash bar Crash bar extension
Cover ABS sensor Chain guard
Carbon alternator guard Brake reservoir guard – front (aluminium)
Brake reservoir guard – rear (aluminium) Black hand protectors
Pannier system 41/41 Adjustable gear lever

I’d like to thank Touratech for supporting Wheel2Wheel and making awesome kit! Having said that … I am now freaking out about how I’m going to fit everything into those small aluminium panniers!

More photos and feedback once I start installing all these parts on my bike, should be fun.

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